Vinta typeface


Vinta typeface

A few months ago, a client was looking for a typeface in the style of the early Venetian types.
I made him a proposal of some typefaces and at the end we chosed for Abobe Jenson.
The following days it was allways in my mind to create a real, old typeface with all the shortcomings of historical hot metal and to preserve the charm of  the bleeding edges occuring during printing. I remembered a Humanist Serif typeface I began a few years ago and I didn’t finish and I had an old french book printed in 1662. Everything has been there to start . ..

This is the sensation of printed hot metal letters i wanted to imitate

and that was my typeface to start with …

At first i made printcopies of the alphabet and draw new outlines with a trembling hand.

In the next step I printed all letters seperately.

After crinkling and smoothing the paper I had almost the effect I was looking for

A little processing with photoshop filters and a final vectorisation.  I had my new “old” typeface.

If you like the result, you can download the font for free.


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