The Sexy Caslons


We are working on Libre Caslon Display and Libre Caslon Text.

(Note: Click the @2X link at the top for a bigger preview)

Libre Caslon Display is glamorous, refined and delicate.

It’s made for big headlines and posters.

Looks great when used in big sizes. The bigger the better.

Is the most glamorous Caslon ever. Even more sexy than those Bodonis 🙂

Libre Caslon Text is different.

It’s made, tested and optimized specifically for web body text at small sizes (in the range of 12px to 20px).

Is the best Caslon for body text on the web.

We are also working on the bold at the same time.

The Italics will follow later.

Both versions will be Libre and Free for anyone to use it, for both personal and commercial projects alike.

Comment below to be notified when it’s ready for download!

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