Paint on Point


Free lowercase alphabet created with a makeup brush.

Under the Design I class context, the creation of an alphabet was required by using calligraphy. I began this project with the execution of different studies where I explored the graphical properties of different materials. I felt particularly interested in the texture produced by a makeup brush.

In the beginning, I did handwriting sketches for the uppercase, but later, due to label proposal, I dedicated myself more to the lowercase.

To help me in the creation of the alphabet, I have drawn on Neuland lowercase alphabet that complement the uppercase originally created by Rudolf Koch. I found the steps in the book “The Calligrapher’s Bible” by David Harris. After drawing the lowercase on paper, I photographed, vectorize in Inkscape program, and then I rectified some errors with the help of Adobe Photoshop. I called this typeface “Paint on Point”.

This free typeface can be used in commercial and personal work.

You can download it here


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