Bobber Free Typeface


I always liked to draw some typefaces and this is my first slab serif. It’s grid based and it’s called Bobber because it’s vintage style. If you like it and want to use it, just give me a heads up. It is totally free, even for commercial use.

The inspiration to Bobber was, of course, the
bobber motorcycles but not just that. We were
looking for an unique type.

Every single Bobber character is
modular and grid based.

Apart from the traditional,
there’s a solid version of Bobber.

We are currently working on a
light version too.

Bobber supports eastern &
western european languages,
icelandic, extended greek,
russian, ukrainian, serbian
cyrillic and maybe more.

You can download the free
version or pay US$ 5,00 for
the pro version here and
don’t forget to appreciate it. 🙂


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